“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

国の偉大さ、 道徳的発展は、 その国における 動物の扱い方で判る。


☆ドキドキ☆ お迎え準備♪

My master, Tiare worked very hard on getting ready for having me as she was so excited.

Tiare got my house,

put all the stuff needed in there,

and even made some sweaters for me to wear!
K.C.'s knit.JPG

It's me met Tiare on the very first day.
I was bit scared and wondering what the thing looking at me is.
It's called a camera I learned.


However, I was hyperactive on that day because I really like my master.

Since then, my hyperactivity never stops! hahaha.....

No wonder, Tiare calls me "little monster".
(そりゃ、Tiareも"little monster"って呼ぶよね。)

Oh! I have to have lunch nowるんるんるんるんるんるん

So, see you next timeexclamation×2

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Thank youexclamation×2